Fotis’ diary



Hi there,

My name is FotisMichailidis and I’ am sixteen years old. I participated in an Erasmus program and I travellled to Italy in a town named Brescia. The first day was really tiring and a bit embarrassing as we had to travel to the city and meet a foreign family. Speaking only English was a real challenge for me but fortunately my host student and her family was excellent at speaking English. Living with an Italian family was a really nice experience. I was able to experience the way Italians live which isn’t that different compared to ours. They were all hospitable and polite. Secondly, I was able to communicate with children from Spain, turkey, Latvia, France and Germany. They were all really polite with me, and I learned  some characteristics of their way of life, their language and their educational system. It was a really nice experience and I wish I could participate in such program again in the future