Michaella’s diary


Recently, I took part in the Erasmus+ program of my school. During this amazing trip, we visited Copenhagen in Denmark, Latvia – where our host students were waiting for us- and a city named Bergamo, in Italy. According to what we saw in these places, this tour was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Our first stop was at Copenhagen. For the most time of the day, we were visiting places and we saw many different landscapes and visited museums. Initially, we went to a fun park called Tivoli, where we had a great time. In addition, we went to a 3-hour-tour, where we visited the entire city of Copenhagen. The next stop of our trip was Latvia, where all of our host students were waiting for us. All of us were excited to meet our new friends. During our stay in Latvia, we visited its capital, Riga, a small town called Tukums, and the Baltic Sea, where we watched the sunshine in front of the sandy beach. Each morning we went to their school and after lunch, which we ate there, we made several visits to museums and to landscapes where we were all together. We had a great time in Latvia because apart from the fact that we visited the country, we had the opportunity to make new friends from Latvia and other five countries, to gain knowledge about their civilization and their lifestyle. Our last stop was Bergamo, a beautiful city, where we stayed all the Greek students together. At noon, we went for a walk at its narrow streets and ate pizza, which was delicious!

I could never forget this experience, all of the students we met there and all of the good memories they left for me. Of course, I would like to make this trip again and I think that it left things to remember for all of us, which are worth telling.


Tsakiraki Michaela