Trip to Veria

Hey there. My name is Katrin. I´m 18 years old and I took part in the Erasmus+ project. I
travelled to Veria in Greece with two other students from my school. We stayed in a hotel
downtown. We had a good time and we became friends too. Our trip was funny, but
sometimes very exhausting. We did some sightseeing, went to the greek school every day
and we did some fun activities like bowling or going to a bar. I talked a lot of English and I
learned some greek words. The other exchange students were friendly. Some of them
became friends. They told me a lot about their country and their lifestyle. The greek
exchange students took care of us all the time. They showed us the city, we went to
restaurants and we had a lot of fun. The culture is completely different compared to the
german one. The people are more open minded and relaxed. And of course I love the greek
food! This was an amazing experience and I would do this any time again.

Katrin Conrad, Germany